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Adidas On Demand: Influencers meet mCommerce

30 November 2016
Adidas art board 1 | Adidas On Demand: Influencers meet mCommerce | Neon

When setting out to market a new product, brands often turn to the use of influencers to create buzz and demand. Traditionally, brand influencers are a hybrid of musicians, athletes, reality stars and just about anyone who is deemed a celebrity. Adidas is no stranger to using the influencer technique, striving to curate an ‘influencer network’ to become the top football brand globally.

Adidas’ latest product launch is an mCommerce app, which seeks to see past brand influencers as just celebrities and instead treats everyone who purchases Glitch boots as a brand influencer.

What is the mCommerce app and how will it work?

Much like the early Uber model, the new Adidas mCommerce app will rely solely on users to grow its popularity. Only those with a unique code can make purchases and pass their referral along. This will give users of the app power to decide how fast and how big the community grows. Adidas says that those who do bring in new customers will be rewarded, offering consumers an incentive to use word of mouth to spread product awareness. Adidas is hoping that the less-is-more attitude will help spread app and product popularity, as access to purchase the products will be seen as rare.

Those living in London within the M25 postcode will be able to select a delivery time within a 4 hour window and track its progress. The Glitch boots that the app will look to promote are customisable, giving customers the opportunity to interchange the design, allowing the boots to match that individual’s playing style and personal fashion sense.

Adidas-football-boots | Adidas On Demand: Influencers meet mCommerce | Neon

How will it grow?

The new app runs more as a CRM strategy than social media strategy, as Adidas seeks to build hyper-local communities in cities across the world, which is a technique that was tested out during this year’s UEFA Euro 2016. Adidas will monitor the response, demand and popularity of this influencer technique, which could then shape its marketing strategies in years to come.

The ability for players to change their style whenever they want is something not seen before so we had to reflect that in the way we launched the product.

Marc Makowski, Adidas

Of course, the brand will still turn to its established celebrity influencers in other areas of its advertising. The #NeverFollow campaign, which started back in December 2015, has gained worldwide attention through its use of NBA and football stars including James Harden and Paul Pogba.

However, with the mCommerce app, Adidas consumers become the new ambassadors and create a buzz around the brand and its products; all without the need for the big names. Adidas’ reputation is already established and in place, meaning consumers know they are getting a high-value product when they make a purchase.

Adidas-football-boots-socks | Adidas On Demand: Influencers meet mCommerce | Neon


While there is still a danger that the code may not get very far beyond the first people who get access, the brand is hoping that by rewarding its new brand influencers, the community will grow and give an insight into new marketing techniques that may not always include the big names we are used to, all through the idea of ‘less is more’.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on how this develops and if Adidas can reach the types of audiences it intends to, all through a word of mouth approach and reliance on the average consumer.

What do you think of Adidas’ new mCommerce app? Tweet @createdbyneon and let us know your thoughts.

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