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Fast Web Media backs groundbreaking esports degree

24 January 2018
Staffordshire University Esports Course | Fast Web Media backs groundbreaking esports degree | Neon

On Saturday 24th March, Staffordshire University will hold an Open Day for its innovative new Esports degree, which Fast Web Media is heavily involved in.

The offering is the UK’s first BA (Hons) Esports degree, and Fast Web Media has helped inform its structure as part of our role on the advisory board. The British Esports Association, Ukie, The National University Esports League (NUEL) and Codemasters are the board’s other members.

Esports has enjoyed significant growth over the last few years. In 2017, YouGov found that 26% of 18-24-year-olds watch at least monthly and 57% of people who have watched a tournament or stream would do so again.

And with an estimated 3,000 players participating in NUEL competitions, there’s nothing to suggest that this growth will slow down.

Fast Web Media Head of Agency Stephen O’Malley said: “Staffordshire is one of the most dynamic universities in the UK, so it’s fantastic to be a part of this panel.
“Fast Web Media has always strived to be at the cutting edge of new innovations and industries, and there are few that are as exciting as Esports.”

Staffordshire has a rich heritage in video games education and Associate Dean for Recruitment Rachel Gowers believes that now is the right time to focus on esports.

“What convinced me that we should offer this degree is also what should convince anyone of its merit, and that’s the statistics,” she said. “This will be a billion-pound industry in three years.

“Recruitment agencies are setting up specialist divisions devoted to esports. Our graduates will be able to work anywhere in the world because the appeal is so global. And there are fantastic transferable skills.”

The advisory board, Gowers added, includes “everyone who’s anyone” in esports and praised the sector’s relentless growth. “The industry is constantly feeding in on how we develop the curriculum. It won’t stand still.”

The degree will help the UK establish itself as a true global power in esports and it already has the backing of Ed Vaizey MP, who is Vice-Chair of the British Esports Association.

“Staffordshire University’s decision to establish an esports course is visionary and far-sighted,” he said. “Esports is one of the fastest-growing entertainment mediums in the world, and anything that can help the UK establish itself as a centre for this exciting industry should be celebrated.”

Find out more about Staffordshire University’s esports degree by visiting their website, and download our free esports guide to learn how to get involved in the sector.

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