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How To Kick Off A Successful Social Campaign

19 June 2017
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To really stand out as a business in the current over-saturated marketplace, you need to take risks and do things differently. Marketing and advertising campaigns need to be more “outside the box” to really gain attention and customs from the public, and a successful social media campaign is the ample opportunity to gain follower base, push brand awareness and, of course, increase revenue.

With 2.95 billion of us posting status updates, Tweeting and Instagramming our favourite pics, social media campaigns need to be guided by a clear and concise plan to align with the activity of social media users and achieve business goals. Yes, bells and whistles do help make campaigns stand out, but the below five key points are the perfect basis for launching a successful and rich social media campaign; whatever the business:

Set your targets

This may seem an obvious one, but it’s quite easy to get carried away with the creative side of social campaigns and neglect the numbers. Setting a clear target will ensure you and your team can stay on track and keep your eye on the overall prize! Whether it be looking to gain more followers, create a buzz for your brand or subsidiaries or simply just target revenue, targets should be established from day one.

Though subject to change, having some concrete targets for your campaign means that, even when the campaign draws to a close, you can revisit your targets and establish what worked well and what perhaps needs some work – this will help for your next campaign, as not everyone gets it first time around!

Engage with your users

The entire point of “social media” is, unsurprisingly, to be social. Social media was not setup to be a one-way system, and for you to fully take advantage of its nature, you should be engaging and reaching out to your users and audience as much as possible. On the flip-side, if one of your posts in particular receives a lot of engagement and buzz, this could be a sign that you have found your successful type of content that resonates with your audience, and you should perhaps post more content in a similar style.

Those who do follow your campaign want to know you exist and they want you to know they are listening. Remember that if they’ve mentioned your company, they want to be heard.

Get the right #hashtag

Hashtags are the marmite of social media. Whilst there is evidence hashtags are “worthless”, for a campaign, they can provide the opportunity to track and group all conversations related to your campaign. Hashtagging generic words such as #marketing and #advertisement will likely see your notifications fill with bots and fake fans, but having something specific and even promoted to your campaign can help encourage and nurture conversations.

Think about all those times you see a company advertise on Twitter, or see an advert on TV or even walk past a poster in the street; there’s usually a hashtag next to it promoting the campaign or event. If it’s good enough to stick in your mind then it’s doing its job. In the past, we’ve seen some great examples of this being used. We’ve had #ShareaCoke – Coca Cola, #WantAnR8 – Audi & #mumsdayoff – red-letter days to name just a small few. All of these give the user an indication as to what the campaign might be about, but there’s still enough to intrigue the user to explore further and see what the fuss is. Of course, these hashtags rely on public engagement, so they have to be creative enough and exciting enough to earn a share.

Use the right kind of content

According to social tool Buffer, using images in your Tweets can generate up to 150% more ReTweets than just plain text posts. Whilst there is no set rule or recommendation as to what content you should be posting, as this depends largely on your industry and audience, there’s no question that using engaging images, videos and GIFs help encourage user engagement and interest.

Testing the waters with different content types, particularly on conversational sites such as Twitter, can allow your marketing team to be more experimental and daring. Should a post with a GIF or video not take off, you know for future campaigns. As we mentioned earlier on in the article, social media is a merciless tool, and sometimes things just don’t pan out as you expect.

Offer the right incentive

Most campaigns set up, especially by the bigger names in business, will look to giveaway something in return for the engagement they receive on social media. Even if the overall aim is to create awareness of a new product, users will usually expect something in return for their interaction. Small businesses may offer a gift card; Audi might offer an R8! Once you’ve established a following, you should see that people care more for your brand and the new content you promote, rather than just the free giveaways.


Whether you’re a small business or a global company, creating the right kind of social media campaign can have a huge impact on the success of your company. With social media usage ever changing, it’s important to learn what works for your business and remain adaptable and kinetic; testing the waters with fresh-faced and exciting posts.
You might be surprised by which campaign is the one to take off.

Need some words of encouragement or advice for your next social media campaign? We don’t want to brag, but we’re a dab hand at all things digital! Why not get in touch.

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