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Neon launches Rafful’s new platform

7 August 2019
A promotional image from Rafful | Fast Web Media launches Rafful's new platform | Neon

New forms of giving demand new digital approaches – and that’s exactly what we provided Rafful with.

Rafful partners with good causes and influencers to offer the public once-in-a-lifetime experiences that they can win by donating to competitions called ‘raffuls’. These include hanging out with celebrities, cooking with top chefs and having a kickabout with footballers.

One thing was missing though: a website to host it all. A number of agencies were invited to pitch for the work, and many put forward standard WordPress sites. We wanted something a little different. Off-the-shelf solutions are fine, but Rafful’s unique offering demanded something equally one-of-a-kind!

So instead, we suggested building a custom CMS that would be built entirely around Rafful’s specific needs. To achieve this, we used Nova. A Laravel-based administration panel, it provides a seamless CMS experience that makes it quick and easy to update the site and can be altered further down the line to accommodate future needs.

Perfect for a forward-thinking company that’ll continue to break new ground in the future.

Rafful wanted to get experiences up and running within three months. So we worked in two-week sprints, allowing us to move quickly, identify and resolve any potential issues and help Rafful understand how the finished product would work.

“We’re really happy with how the site turned out, and so are Rafful,” says our Head of Technical Solutions, Dan Lawson. “The standard industry response to a job like this is to choose WordPress, but while it’s good, it’s not the only option.

“Sometimes, it’s not even the correct option!

“By building the CMS using Nova, we were able to create something tailored entirely around Rafful’s needs. It means that they can update the website without fuss, and empowers them to focus on what’s really important: helping good causes make a difference.”

You can find out more about Rafful over on their website!

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