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Optimising for Voice Search

29 November 2018
How to Optimise for Voice Search Guide (Digital) Google Home | Neon

We’ve been in the research lab again. This time we’re exploring rich results and their importance to voice search

Voice is the next evolution of the internet, but what does it mean for brand visibility through search and how important are rich results to it?

In our free downloadable guide, ‘How to optimise for voice search’, we reveal:

  • How Google Assistant and Cortana work: What’s the relationship between web search engines and their respective voice-activated device?
  • Commonalities between web and voice search: Is web optimisation a solid foundation to build success through voice search?
  • Rich results and their influence on voice results: As voice devices can only offer one result, what’s the natural source they pull from?
  • Based on the findings, how should brands go about optimising for voice search
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