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Schema Markup

22 October 2018
Schema Markup Graphic | Neon

Enhancing your presence in search engines

With the increase in multi-format content across the internet, search engines have evolved to understand the individual elements of web pages and deliver them to users through enhanced search results called “rich results”.

Rich results use schema markup to allow users to find the information they are looking for easily. Implementing schema markup on your site can help improve its SEO performance as well as:

  • Win your brand enhanced organic visibility in the SERPs
  • Increase organic click-through rate (CTR)
  • Drive more leads to the top of your sales funnel

Our guide covers everything you need to know about schema markup and how to use it to enhance your presence in search engines, including:

  • What are rich results and how can they improve search results?
  • What is schema markup and what types of schema exist?
  • How can schema markup help SEO and what are its other benefits?
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