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The Key Trends Affecting Digital Advertising

25 February 2019
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Digital advertising is always evolving. If your strategy now is the same as it was 12 months ago, you will be falling behind.

Advertising technology, platforms and opportunities emerge and evolve, creating new ways to advertise to your target audience.

Keeping on top of the trends and advancements is not easy, staying ahead is a full-time job. Luckily we have a team of people who do just that for our clients, and here are the trends we see affecting digital advertising in the coming 12 months.

More money flows Facebook’s way

Facebook has been making dents into Google’s dominance and also eating into other digital channels for a number of years. But it is more likely that their other assets will bring in the revenue in the coming 12 months.

Instagram has begun to establish itself as a mainstay for digital advertisers in the B2C space. Their audience had matured to the point where it’s broad enough to cater for most industries and delivers great results.

They also have Whatsapp and Messenger which will undoubtedly become ad-funded in the not-too-distant future, and could provide some valuable channels for digital advertisers.

Programmatic advances as the buying platform across media

Programmatic technology is the future of nearly all advertising mediums. The process of buying technology, in real time, based on data and targeting, is coming to every advertising option that can be made digital, for example audio and TV and even outdoor advertising.

2019 and 2020 will see this evolution accelerate as advertising make the most of being able to buy advertising based on targeted performance data and at a price linked to its value to their business.

Data and trust remain top of the agenda

If there were two words which defined digital advertising in 2018 they were “data” and “privacy”. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, Google embroiled in ad fraud allegations and Alexa supposedly eavesdropping on our conversations all painted digital advertising as the bad guy.

Alongside GDPR, this trend will continue for the foreseeable future and we will see more people become aware of their online privacy, rights, and sharing behaviour. For advertisers this will not diminish the opportunity, the audiences will still exist, but it may remove some of the more intrusive options without explicit consent of the individual.

We continue to wrestle with attribution

Attribution of sales back to the core contributing channel is something which has been argued and wrestled with for a number of years now. First click, last click, weighted attribution and a myriad of technological solutions have tried, and failed to come to a consensus on the right approach.

This is, in part, because there is no one-size-fits-all measurement model. Most user journeys follow a pattern unique to the individual and as such, no single advertising channel should be taking more credit than the other. But that isn’t going to stop digital businesses trying!

ROPO comes of age

Tying together online and offline data should be easy enough in a world of digital till systems and centralised stock management. A lot of retail businesses however have struggled to bring their businesses up to speed or align their strategic direction with a world where people can research online, purchase offline, or similarly research offline in store, and complete the sale online.

We feel we are coming to a point where these dots should start to be more easily joined and ROPO should be a buying process which is more easily tracked.

As mentioned in the opening, digital technology is ever evolving and as such, digital advertising is a channel which never stays the same. By keeping one eye on the upcoming trends business can test and understand new trends and implement them to best effect on their strategy.

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