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19 May 2020

Another week has passed and there is no indication of lockdown to be over anytime soon.

So, kick back and keep scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’

1. Breathing space 🌳

It’s the new norm to be more aware of how we navigate the space around us, something we once took for granted, so we’re super interested in understanding how it will impact us all when we finally arrive at pastures new. 

In our search for the good stuff, we came across this amazing live webinar from De_Frost* called Redesigning our sense of space.

Frost*Collective‘s Vince Frost and Head of Frost Place, Cat Burgess, invited Andrew Tuck, the Editor of Monocle magazine to discuss how the places we live and work in will change after COVID-19 and why good design matters more than ever. 

Very insightful stuff.

Source –

2. A face mask with a matching hat too 🎩

Zhijun Wang has transformed an iconic IKEA bag into a facemask and hat.

The Beijing designer started making masks when his city was engulfed in heavy smog due to the mass industrialisation in 2013.

How resourceful is that? 

He repurposes items such as bags and sneakers into masks, that combine utility and aesthetics.

Representing Nike Air Max trainers on your face for a change.

At this moment in time, Zhijun Wang is showing the public how to design your own facemasks with any material that you like. He has posted many guidelines on his Instagram and recently posted a Youtube video too.

Now, where did we put that Mcdonald’s happy meal bag…

Source –

3. Who wants to go…Shopping! 🛍️


Us.. That’s who. We miss getting dressed up, hanging out with your mates and spending all our money on you know, the essentials.

At this point in lockdown, we are starting to think our friends are fictional, but some brands are here to remind us what it feels like to hangout. 

However, downloading the extension called Squadded Party Shopping, yes that’s the actual name, will enable you to virtually shop with your friends online.

So you can settle in for some retail group therapy,  just by visiting a supporting brand’s online store. What are you waiting for? Invite all your friends and click away.

Goodbye money.💰

Source – 

4. Calling all knitters. 🧶

We must admit, we have seen many creative projects and have admired many, but this is on top of our list.

Salford Royal Hospital is asking knitters to help create an identical pair of teddy bears to help comfort Covid-19 patients. Such a sweet idea.

One would be given to the patient and the other to their loved one. Now that hospital visiting hours is now restricted, the teddy bears represent a connection and a sense of comfort.

The outcome is truly amazing. To see communities come together and make something to comfort one another is very touching.

Last month our Social Media and Content Manager’s thoughtful sister, (who taught herself crochet) had made a batch full of hearts and gifted it to Stepping Hill ICU.

5. We knew virtual dating was the next thing right.🍷

All dressed up with nowhere to go? Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and many other dating apps have basically replaced the real thing. So why not go on a virtual date as well.

But seriously if we really think about it, love sonnets have been replaced by text messages. Swooning a girl with gestures is replaced by emojis and confessing your feelings to another person is replaced by gifs.

Now that lockdown is in place is virtual dating really that far off?

Source –

6. A wearable bracelet that enforces social distancing ⚠️

It’s funny how we always wished to work from home and now we are itching to go back to our offices. 

Suddenly the commute and the casual chit chat in our social space mean much more to us now.

Soon some of us non-essential workers will have to return to the work lives we knew before the pandemic, where it is vital that we follow the social distancing guidelines. 

However, polls reveal that as a nation, we are deeply concerned for our safety at work, which is why Romware has designed a wearable gadget that helps keep everyone at a safe distance from one another.

The gadget alerts employees when they are closer than 6 feet to each other by feeling a vibration to warn them.

Just make sure you’re not holding a hot cup of coffee around the office.

Source –

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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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