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The Weekly Wrap

5 June 2020

A lot has happened this week, and we want you to know all about it.

Welcome back to our Weekly Wrap supplying this week’s dose of ‘stuff’ we love from around the internet.


First up, some news from the family…

1. Jack Mason, entrepreneur and CEO of digital business collective Inc & Co is taking the group to another level.

Jack Mason

Most recently, we have acquired digital agency, Skylab. 

Skylab has worked with brands such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Formula 1 teams and the British Paralympic Association. 


Jack said: “This is the next step in our ongoing and successful growth plan. Acquiring Skylab strengthens our digital innovation capabilities; offering all members of the agency collective, as well as new and existing clients, a chance to tap into Skylab’s specialist skill sets.”


Inc & Co Group is becoming more significant and more pronounced in the digital world, with a big thanks to Jack.


Someone needs to make him a brew for his incredible efforts (or a jam poly).

2. #BlackLivesMatter

The whole world is showing their support of the Black Lives Matter movement in various ways. We have seen some stand out creative, created by designers across the globe that are educating others through their illustrations and sharing links to resources that people can use to help others.

Black Lives Matter

Sacrée Frangine

Creative duo Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade paint portraits make collages and wallpaper designs by using the human form of dark skin toned people in their creations.

Black Lives Matter

Brandy Chieco

North Carolina-based illustrator Brandy Chieco creates lettering content by using playful words that are printed on various items. She uses positive messaging and touches on current events by using her talent throughout her work.

Black Lives Matter

Courtney Ahn

A Korean-American illustrator, Courtney Ahn showcases her talent by posting her designs. She is also involved with current news and using her illustrating skills to share her thoughts and opinions.


Source –

3. Who’s missing their commute?


A portable scooter that fits in your backpack? Yes, you’ve heard it right. We were stunned too.


I have seen folded up scooters but never a portable scooter you can carry with your bag.

Scooter in a backpack

That is not even the best part. It is an inflatable electric scooter.

Riding a scooter

Goodbye, public transport. I’ve got my sweet ride. Vroom.

Pumping up scooter

Piomo is a portable and inflatable scooter that is a transportable and soft personal electric automobile which can be inflated with air.


It was created in Tokyo where the design uses soft robotic technology which leaves Piomo to be safe, soft and lightweight for people to carry. It uses a wireless powering system to get you from A to B.


Everyone needs one, so we can all make it on time for dinner when we all return to work.


Source –

4. The ‘anything’ face shield.


Don’t worry. We were just as confused as you were when we saw this.

Face shield

With many designers responding to the pandemic and the low stock of facemasks Mmm Design Studio had designed a quick ‘anything’ can be a face shield frame.

Face shield

Initially, you can turn any empty packets found in your home into a face shield.

This particular shield was made out of an empty Haribo’s packet (bet it smells nice).

Face shield frame

A 3D printer made the structure of the face shield, and the shape was designed in the form of glasses. The frame has clips at the front that allows you to easily replace the current guard if it is damaged or contaminated.

We all have an excuse to buy multipacks of our favourite crisps now. Fantastic.


Source –

5. Are warehouse robots going global?


A company that created warehouse robots has raised $40 million to expand into new markets that led to opening a new headquarters in the EU.

Locus Robotics had spotted an opportunity with their robotics during this pandemic where every warehouse had experienced shortages of workers. This has led to an adoption of automation in the future.

Research had predicted that by 2025, 4 million commercial robots would be installed in over 50,000 warehouses around the world.

I, Robot

Now, this reminds us of the film I, Robot. Scary right?

Don’t worry,  and they don’t look like this.


Or this.


They look like this instead. 

Warehouse Robots

See. They are harmless.


These robots may look simple compared to the Terminator or robotics from the Transformers, but they do a lot of impressive work in the warehouse.

They can reconfigure any label printers, container, barcode scanners, totes or any technology that helps to order processing.

Warehouse robots
Warehouse robots

The LocusBots assist human workers by recognising their human’s Bluetooth badges which switch over to their preferred language. 


I wonder if it understands whale?

Whale Finding Nemo

Another impressive feature of the LocusBots is that it orchestrates their travel routes which are most efficient and share that information with other robots.


We would personally use these robots for our shopping days. 


Source –

6. Website of the week. 


Who remembers Tetris? 


Everyone should remember the 90’s retro game, where every teenager spent their life on levelling up daily. We know we did.

However, Tetris has been upgraded, and now the game is on another level.

What dog

Tetris Effect amplifies this magical feeling of total immersion by surrounding you with fantastic, fully three-dimensional worlds that react and evolve based on how you play. 


The game involves music, backgrounds, sounds, special effects—everything.


How cool is that?

You will lose all track of time in this game, again.

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Weekly Wrap

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Weekly Wrap

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