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7 May 2020

There are so many cool, creative designs, products and events that with so much content being posted on social media these days it’s hard to filter them out. Or we simply miss out with our continuous updated ‘pings’ and ‘dings’.

So here are some cool things we love that have happened this week – to keep you in the loop.

1. Naming all 16,777,216 in the RGB colour Spectrum.🎨

A really cool project called Colornames has risen and is tempting to name all of the colours in the RGB spectrum. Anyone can basically choose any colour and put forward their ideal name for it to be considered.

omg owl

I saw someone call #C5FB13 Attack of limes, can you imagine what colour that must be?

Crowdsourcing projects are always awesome but what we love about this one, is that this project has a democratic functionality. So you can vote your favorite name and whichever has the most upvotes will be the winner. 

I’ve even named a colour, #82C77F is now ‘iminapickle’

This is your chance to name a colour for your brand or maybe it would be your dream naming a colour after yourself. Either way this activity is so interactive and fun, you can really see the creativity behind all of this.

2. Smartphone Notifications in Virtual Reality 📱

When you’re in the land of gaming nothing will stop you from pursuing your goals from accomplishing a quest or leveling up. VR’s are cool and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game in No man’s land or jamming to Beat Saber.



What you see in the VR world.

What we see in the real world.

But now your mum can send you a text to let you know dinner is ready, or a friend messaging you to keep you updated on social events whilst in your fantasy.

Ain’t that fab.

Holoswitch phone notifications

3. Pillow fort for one please. 🛏️

An artist made a fort out of pillows to encourage others to stay indoors. The indoor installation is amazing I must say, I wouldn’t mind surrounding myself with fluffy, soft clouds everyday, wouldn’t you?

Cyril Lancelin said “The cushion is the symbol of the house as a cozy nest, a place of rest and above all of security.”

The installation is called Pillow Pyramid where a double bed is sheltered by a tent-like tower of cushions. What an ideal Sunday morning lie-in.

Pillow Pyramid

Cyril Lancelin is well known for his 3D outdoor installations such as the Pink Pyramid.

The new bank holiday Friday is coming up – and all I know it’s a great inspiration to build myself a pillow fort for sure! 

Source –

4. Upgraded stress – ball that levitates whilst you meditate 🔴

When I think about a stress ball I visualise a soft foamy texture, which you squeeze until your hand hurts. Truth be told I’ve never liked the idea of using one. It made me more anxious than relaxed.

However, the buda ball I can get on board with. It’s a levitating ball which is a visual interpretation of how you want to feel. Light, free and centered.

Many of you may already know the art of meditation, but a beginner like myself I tend to have a hard time clearing my mind from work, house chores and other checklists that are scrambled in my mind. I know I’m not the only one that does this.

But seeing a visual aid could help the transition into meditation.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Source –

5. knitted face masks to visually encourage social distancing.🧶

During this isolation many are picking up hobbies and learning new skills. Whilst icelandic knitwear designer ýrúrarí jóhannsdóttir, is experimenting with her craft designing monstrous forms of face masks to encourage social distancing.

These creative face masks would definitely shake you to your core if someone was wearing one down the street.


Ýrúrarí designs are undoubtedly cool and create an interesting statement on what we are currently going through. Her initial facemask design was inspired by some of her previous sweater creations which were covered with multiple mouths. Over time her imagination for her facemasks became more and more monstrous.

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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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