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This Is For My People

23 April 2020
About me Team neon

Welcome to this is for my people, a series where you can get to know the team better by knowing our interests and sharing our experiences with you.

We will start with – Wing Lok.

Wing Lok needs her daily intake of Korean fried chicken whilst watching her favorite dramas on Netflix. She is our Social Media Content Manager where her mind is always full of ideas and excels in the creative.

Question: Working with me is like…

Eating a bucket of KFC. I’m a crispy surprise, a delight to all, I linger in your tastebuds and loved by all.

Question: Most embarrassing song on Spotify

Bewitched – Ce la vie

Question: Typical Sunday

I’m normally quite an adventurous person where I explore new towns and cities with my partner or go hiking with my parents on Sundays. But since the lockdown, I’ve treated Sundays as my spa days and pampered myself whilst binging on series and watching Studio Ghibli movies with my guinea pig, Harry.

Exploring towns and cities

Question: Weirdest gift I have given or received

For my one year anniversary, I was given a fake stuffed cat where it was curled up in the sleeping position and left on the bed with a handmade card from my partner. Weird yes, but it was a sign that one day we would own a cat in the future, so it was a nice symbolic gesture. 

Instagram screenshoot

What’s your favorite emoji? And why. 

Most recently the sweetcorn emoji. 🌽

Only because recently my sister has a new baby girl where they only want to upload photos on Facebook. So my loophole was to place the sweetcorn emoji on top of the baby and was able to post about being a fresh aunty on Instagram! I chose sweetcorn because my niece is an absolute sweetie and it made the whole photo more amusing.

Photo about me blog

Favorite food you can’t stop eating?

Korean fried chicken. I came across this when watching many Korean Dramas and every scene they would be eating fried chicken and beer. I would always crave this dish so one day I decided to make it myself and since then I haven’t stopped eating it.

Korean fried chicken

Current Netflix and chill binge?

I do love my Korean dramas I must admit and there have been loads I’ve binge-watched on Netflix but the recent one would be ‘Crash landing on you’ and ‘Strong Girl Bong Soon’ if you love comedy, action, heartache and love stories those two are worth a watch! – whilst eating Korean fried chicken…

Describe your craft?

I am the Social Media Content Manager here at Neon and I am responsible for organic and paid social creative content.

What are your secrets behind getting to your position?

Learn news skills in other areas that interest you. It’s great to expand your knowledge of other areas of the company to have a  better understanding of your purpose and help you become more creative with your role. With my past roles, I had always been nosy on what other coworkers were involved in and discovered a new interest, skill, and knowledge I gained and incorporated it into my profession.

Any particular skills required to succeed in this role?

Strategy planning

Community management

Understand how content works on a social web

Creative mindset

Creative writing skills

Analytical skills

In my role seeing the unique selling point and social gap opportunities within the market is vital to stand out and have a successful marketing strategy. Fortunately for me, I achieve this by surrounding myself with creative and talented teammates that empower my thought process and innovation.

What motivates you in your job role? 

The freedom of creativity I have at Neon social where my teammates collectively combine ideas and expand on them together. The connection within Neon is amazing and helps me with my creative flow and mindset in each project I engage with. 

I love how every team member in Neon has an impressive and creative background, where they all have different experiences that they all contribute with ideas and concepts. Everyone in Neon is a piece of a puzzle with our own unique expertise in their area, and we all fit perfectly together as a team.

How did you know you wanted a career in Social Media?

First, it was a continuous hobby of mine picking up social media traits and producing my own content on cooking and baking when I was 24. As it was slowly expanded I realised I missed being part of a team as I am very social and love surrounding myself with people. So I started my first social media employment with UNILAD and UNILAD Grub. I created a lot of viral content and worked with amazing food vendors, well-known food chains, and infamous food festivals. My love for Social media grew more and more the deeper I drove into my job. 

From then on I pushed myself to become better at achieving goals I have set myself to reach which required dedicated nights in self-learning and applying what I learned to my past roles. If I hadn’t found my love for social media I would still be a senior sales adviser.

About Me photo

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