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9 October 2020

This week, we’ve been inspired by all the brands that have used lockdown to their advantage when it comes to marketing. Lockdown has been an obstacle in which many of us have had to navigate around to continue business as usual. However, for these brands lockdown was seen as an opportunity to get creative with their campaigns. So, without further adieu, check out our NEON guide on how to use lockdown to your advantage, taking a look at the brands who have taken the initiative to use lockdown as a marketing hook, and have reaped the success.


Mmm the sweet smell of mud, booze and a hangover. We miss it so much. 

We’ve missed out on a lot this year. Our nights out have been cancelled, our local pub has been closed and festivals and concerts have been a no go. We all miss these things and ‘Earl of East’ knows it. So they decided to ease our pain by bringing out a range of candles that smell like the things we miss. Festivals, pubs and cinemas. They blended awesome marketing with crazy scents to bring us what we needed and made people laugh at the same time. What does a festival candle smell like? This is the question we want answering so we’re just gonna have to make a purchase. We love this product and their campaign, jumping on trends, seeing a gap in the market, delicious scents and their awesome creative is a feast for the eyes and nose and we can’t get enough.

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How to wash your hands for twenty seconds exactly, no singing happy birthday necessary. 

Washing your hands for twenty seconds is the only way to wash your hands these days, we know that much, but standing there counting to 20 as you lather up a storm gets tedious. So, make way for the ‘20 second soap’. This soap literally lasts for twenty seconds, and then it’s gone. Whilst the product itself is obviously awesome, digital agency, Verve marketing it to perfection. This soap is a marketing campaign in itself and the idea to create a soap like this was a great idea by Verve. Not only did they create a product, they got their agency name out there and used lockdown to their advantage. The main aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of the importance of washing your hands, but in the end, it did so much more than that. 

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Is this the ultimate Covid Safe holiday?


Our holidays have been cancelled this year, and it sucks. Thankfully Audi Australia had the great idea of bringing us a holiday in the form of a virtual drive in their brand new model. Whilst it doesn’t quite hit the spot like 2 weeks in Ibiza does, it was a brilliant campaign idea from We Are Social. Not only did they manage to market Audi perfectly, they came up with a brilliant idea that kept Australians talking throughout lockdown. We bet that campaign took a lot of planning though, and a big motion budget…

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Danes, there’s beer going to waste, you know what to do. 


Potentially our favourite campaign so far, when pubs and bars closed in early lockdown it was a sad sad situation that beer throughout the world was going to waste. All the kegs were going off due to not being drunk and the public were horrified (the solution we all wanted was to just give the undrunk kegs out to households for free). Danish beer brand Carlsberg wanted to find a way to continue making money whilst pubs were closed and combined this with the creation of a fantastic marketing campaign. ‘Adopt a Keg’ pulled on the heartstrings of the Danish, humanising a keg in a way often seen when it comes to adopting a pet. The idea was you could fill up your keg virtually online, and exchange it for REAL beer when bars reopened. Not surprisingly, it was a huge success. This isn’t the first time Carlsberg have been spot-on with their marketing campaigns. They have a history of producing great ideas. Props to their marketing team, keep it up guys.

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“You can tell the grandkids you met when kissing was illegal” 


The rules around dating during lockdown weren’t exactly clear, but it seemed like unless they live with you, close contact was a no no, sorry singles. With the dating scene hitting rock bottom in lockdown, Bumble created a great campaign that perfectly addressed the dating struggles people faced during lockdown. This campaign was so well thought out. From jumping on viral trends and memes that were shared in lockdown, through to saying the things daters thought but never necessarily said, such as; ‘Dating dress code, the perfect dress for doing a wee in the park’. Yep, we remember when public toilets weren’t open, there wasn’t really another choice except to pull your undies down and pee in a bush on a long walk. When you gotta go you gotta go, although this must have been far more awkward in a date situation. Coming from a digital background, our favourite slogan of this campaign has to be ‘Dating just got turned off and on again, should be working fine now’. If you know, you know.

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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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