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13 November 2020

Let’s talk about PPC. It’s something we see everywhere, it influences what we buy, where we buy and how we buy, and most of us (especially non marketers) don’t even realise the impact it has. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic pretty much cancelling 2020, PPC is definitely not cancelled. Here’s some PPC stats from 2020, and predictions for 2021.

Search Spending just keeps getting BIGGER.

It sure does. More people are pumping hard earned cash into search spending than ever before. Whilst consumer spending overall has fallen this year, more businesses have been moving online in order to make sales, which in turn has meant an increase in search ad spending. Search ad spending is seeing an estimated 5.9% growth in 2020. This growth has been predominantly led by mobile search marketing. It appears that we have been scrolling an awful lot this year, (there hasn’t really been anything else to do let’s be honest).

Robots are taking our jobs. Will PPC be automated further in 2021?

Like it or not, ad platforms are taking away more control from PPC marketers. Automated ad platforms make the life of PPC marketers easier, there’s no doubt about it, but they’re set to take even more control away from the marketers in 2021. Don’t worry though, it won’t ALL be roboticized. Automation means more reliable algorithms and can equal saved time and more accurate results. Whilst marketers can focus more time on strategy and brand, automation gives them the edge over competitors.

“Dollar make me Holla.” Make every PPC penny count. 

If there’s ever been a time in which we need to stretch our ad spend budgets, its now. In Coronavirus times, many businesses are struggling, hoping PPC will win them back business. Take the traveling industry for example. They continued to advertise despite realising they would be doing so at a loss, but they still won some bookings they may not have if they didn’t advertise in the first place. At the moment, every ad penny counts to win market share and return profitability. With performing keywords changing all the time at the moment, keep on top of them and if they aren’t working, pause them. Expand your location targeting, take a full funnel approach and don’t turn off awareness campaigns.

SEO vs PPC. The battle rages on. 

It’s an ongoing battle that no one really knows who will win, with the best bet being that yo do both. During Coronavirus, web traffic is spiking as never before, so the obvious route currently for businesses is search advertising; especially given that nearly more consumers than ever are now also browsing and buying more online. This doesn’t mean you should abandon your SEO, moving down the Google ranks can definitely do more harm in the long term, and may be a mess you will have to clean up later.

Making PPC and Brand Awareness work together. We’re all in this together after all. 

Brand awareness is something you definitely don’t want to lose in lockdown. Keeping your name in the forefront of peoples minds is something that will help your business survive at the moment. Don’t forget, people are still buying, they are just buying online and they are buying A LOT. Brands that were already big online, are only getting bigger. Think about brands like PLT and Shein, you can’t get away from them. They aren’t letting their brand awareness slow down, just because the rest of the world has. Surviving lockdown is about sustaining that brand awareness and boosting sales with PPC. The goal to overcome the pandemic is being seen on social media, through email marketing, and through solid targeting keyword driven PPC campaigns.  


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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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