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20 November 2020

To celebrate the launch of our SEO webinar series, we’ve been reminiscing about some of the best webinars of 2020 so far. 2020 has definitely proved itself as the year of the webinar. Face to face events have been cancelled and the only way we can network and learn is online, hence the rise of the webinar. So, which ones have we been loving this year?

FREE Webinars for NHS staff, because they deserve them. 

Our first choice isn’t just ONE webinar. It’s many webinars. This year the NHS started running a series of FREE daily webinars covering a wide range of topics for NHS employees to hop onto. The idea for the webinars was to reduce the amount of time employees spend calling the helpdesk, and instead they can watch the webinars which are far more informative which helps them learn more about pensions, payroll, tax and loads more. What an awesome idea from the NHS.

‘Financial Support for Small Businesses during Covid’. Straight to the point. We love it. 

As soon as restaurants were forced to close and the country basically went into hibernation, many small business owners were unsure of what this meant for their future, their finances and a whole lot of other things too. Luckily the guys from NR&B at Manchester Central were straight on it with this straight to the point, no BS webinar. The webinar covered everything a small business needed to know about government support such as loans, grants, tax relief and furlough, and was hugely helpful to many businesses back in May.

‘Remote Work Insights’, thanks for helping us WFH in early lockdown. 

The next webinar comes courtesy of Softcat, an IT reseller and their partner, Splunk, an IT company. Splunk had products that could benefit the companies of remote workers and Softcat could help them sell, thus, this webinar was born. The webinar was based around Remote Work Insights – a product from Splunk that could benefit those companies who have moved their employees to remote work. The core offering of the product is for IT and Security teams to ‘manage application and monitor business performance from remote locations’. Not only was this webinar and their product super helpful for those large organisations struggling with managing a remote team, it was also a great example of promoting your products the right way during lockdown. 


‘Flexible and intelligent intranets’. If you don’t listen to us, listen to Microsoft. 

Intranets have been used by many businesses for a long time, they’re essentially a hub for your business, a secret internet just for you and your team. The importance of a flexible and intelligent intranet for businesses during Covid and lockdown shouldn’t be overlooked, and this webinar from Microsoft explains why perfectly. Microsoft are of course one of the biggest players in tech, so they know what they’re talking about. The webinar can still be viewed here.


Are global brands a thing of the past?’ This one certainly got us thinking.

Potentially one of our favourites from the list, this webinar touches on something close to our hearts, branding. Never underestimate the power of brand afterall. This webinar comes from global branding agency, Marks, and forms part of their ‘Marks Talks’ webinar series. Local brands are gaining a lot of notoriety recently, and we are regularly seeing ‘shop local’ promoted more and more as the importance of shopping locally is being acknowledged by the masses. This webinar perfectly explores the differences between the flexibility and modernist challenger brands versus the trust and security of established brands, in an interesting, fun and intelligent way.

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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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