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4 December 2020

Black Friday is everywhere, and it’s understandable it’s nearly impossible to escape the bargains drawing you in. As another Black Friday has passes (and it has been a slightly different one), something interesting has emerged in the shape of ‘Anti-Black Friday’. It’s a campaign that has been going under the radar since 2015, however 2020 saw the adoption of the campaign from retailers surge amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Even Russell Brand has got on board with anti Black Friday, you can see the video here. We’ve gathered our favourite anti Black Friday campaigns from the companies rejecting consumerism, the very thing that keeps them afloat and have decided to share them with you all in this week’s Weekly Wrap. Enjoy.

Make Black Friday the chance to give back to your favourite brands.

A classic anti Black Friday campaign from ‘Cards Against Humanity’. This genius, yet tongue in cheek idea played on the idea of role reversal and asked the consumer to give THEM $5. They branded this as a ‘once in a lifetime chance to give us $5’. A risky game to play there, but it works because Cards Against Humanity is a risky brand. Those who play it will know that this game doesn’t hold back and being ‘savage’ is the name of the game. We love this anti Black Friday campaign, even though it is one from the bank of 2019. 


#BuyNothingDay has been a thing since 1997, and it’s just a coincidence that it falls on the same day as Black Friday. As it is the complete opposite of Black Friday, that’s probably helped the campaign gather some leverage for it to be a hashtag in 2020 by haters of consumerism. #BuyNothingDay was trending on Twitter last week and definitely seems to be more common this year than last.

Black Friday? It’s a NO from Patagonia.

The Patagonia brand opted out of Black Friday completely for 2020. No bargains, no sister campaigns, nothing, just business as usual. They’ve been pushing back against Black Friday since 2011 and this year was no different. Their slogan this year was ‘Buy Less Demand More’. This may have been a cheeky marketing ploy for their ‘Worn Wear’ offering. In which customers browse for items on the Patagonia website, and they’ll be able to buy refurbished alternatives on the trade-in platform at a lower price. As an ethically conscious brand we hugely admire their choice to opt out of Black Friday and think their opposite approach is a great marketing idea to propel their brand to their ethically focused target market. 

You’ve heard of Black Friday, but what about Blue Friday? 

One of the biggest designer brands out there even (kind of) jumped on the anti Black Friday wagon this year, with the introduction of their own version, ‘Blue Friday’. Let’s be honest though, Armani can afford to not buy into the Black Friday hype, and have enough brand recognition to create a version of their own. Blue Friday focuses on delivering accessible drinking water to those without around the world and 30% of each customer’s Armani sales on Black Friday Blue Friday will be donated to the charity.

We’re all made equal. 

As an ethically and morally conscious brand, razor brand Estrid wanted to do something a little different for Black Friday this year, in an aim to push back on the greedy consumerism of today. Their idea could not have been faulted as they decided to donate 100%, YES 100% of the profits they made on Black Friday 2020 to the Fawcett Society. That’s a full day of profits going to charity, and we think that’s pretty damn awesome. 


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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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