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28 August 2020

As a Manchester based agency and to honour Manchester Pride 2020, we’ve scoured the internet for some of our favourite LGBTQ+ marketing campaigns from around the world. 

We don’t always march straight.

Swedish Armed Forces Pride Campaign 2018. 

A country known for their progressive ways, Sweden made hearts melt when their armed forces released a LGBTQ+ marketing campaign in honour of Swedish Pride. The campaign was well received with people commenting on social media how proud they were to be Swedish, and commending the Armed Forces (or Försvarsmakten) on their liberal movement, when in many other countries the armed forces are generally considered a conservative organisation. Not only did the armed forces campaign receive praise for their statement, ‘We don’t always march straight’ (love it), their creative assets were also on point. We’re loving the rainbow laces and camo face paint. Good work Sweden. 

I love your dress, where did you get it? Ikea, hun.

Ikea – Toronto Pride 2018.

In 2018, Ikea collaborated with Toronto Pride to create an epic advertising campaign. As the official sponsor for Toronto Pride, Ikea wanted to create a statement that ‘embraced the creativity and openness of drag culture’. Their idea was a fashion show in the style of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. They got local Drag Queens on board who were tasked with making runway ready outfits out of some of Ikea’s bestsellers and then modelling them on the runway. 

Launched primarily for social media purposes, we love everything about this campaign. The inclusivity, the fearlessness, the rainbows, the outfits and of course the amazing video work and social media planning that must have gone on behind the scenes. I mean, just look at this amazing shower curtain dress.

And this Queen’s fabulous umbrella mini dress. We just can’t get enough of this campaign.

We’re all the same on the inside.

Oreo – US Pride 2012

To show their support for Pride in 2012, Oreo posted an image of an oversized rainbow biscuit. Oreo’s ‘rainbow cookie’ was part of an intelligent marketing campaign that certainly created a Buzz online. The cookie campaign divided the US nation, (the perfect indicator as to why Pride is still needed) but it certainly hasn’t divided us. We love this campaign and certainly wouldn’t mind a bite of that biscuit. 

In 2015, Oreo were back with a bang, showing their support for Pride once more when they pulled out their ‘We’re all the same on the inside’ campaign on Twitter. These cookies have rainbow outer shells and look equally delicious. We can’t decide which campaign we like more to be honest.

Gay is ok.

Lush #Gayisok 2015 

Lush are leading the way when it comes to equality for the LGBTQ+ community. They even have a blog section on their website dedicated entirely to LGBTQ+ content, with the aim to help make a change in countries where this way of life is not yet accepted. 

In 2015, Lush partnered with the All Out team to create a sparkling gold #Gayisok soap that would spark a global movement of love and equality. The campaign was mainly focused in the US after the US Supreme Court passed the law for equal marriage. The campaign was a huge success, and blew up social media platforms worldwide, getting everyone talking more about equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community across the globe. The hashtag #Gayisok reached 40 million online and 107,479 bars of sparkling gold soap were purchased, all in support of a good cause. Does anyone know how we get our hands on one of these gold bars in 2020? We’d love to sparkle in the shower too, please. 

It’s just…love

Animal Planet – Love is Natural Campaign 2018

We’ve certainly saved the cutest till last. In 2018 Animal Planet hired digital marketing agency Y&R to help them create an inspiring LGBTQ+ campaign that warmed the hearts of their viewers. The campaign features same sex animals embracing each other, with the slogan ‘Love is Natural’, because if there’s anything we can learn from animals, it’s love. The campaign is simple, limited to four posts showing four different breeds of animals. However, it really hits home. Just look at those two male lions hugging. This campaign just works, it has sentiment, simplicity, truth, and one clear meaning, love is natural. 

We aren’t crying, you are. 

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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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