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17 July 2020

Here we are again! Did you miss us? You did. We knew that and that’s why we have more awesome things to show you that have happened during the week.

We are all blown away with this particular post of The Weekly Wrap, and we know you will be too.


1. This site is outta this world.


Matthew Jedrzejewski is a freelance designer, animator and director. He has recently created a landing page for Spaceedu to attract people who are interested in studying astronomy.

Jedrzejewski designed a creative and innovative site that put the internet in awe.

Image source:

You are as well, right? Not only does this website make learning more exciting and fun, but it also takes you on a journey through space.

Where do we enrol?

2. Seats we can get on board with. Pardon the pun.

Who can not wait to get away and dip their toes in the Mediterranean Sea? Or fly away to a city break in Berlin or Italy?

Our prayers have been answered.

Aviointeriors have come up with a design concept that could be the new norm.

In the airline industry, it allows passengers some degree of isolation and distancing while sitting next to each other.

The first concept reverses the centre seat and separates all three passengers with a shield made of transparent material. 

This creates a protective barrier for everyone while giving each passenger their own space isolated from others, even from people who walk through the aisle.

We are going…going, gone. Bye.

Image source:

3. Self-sufficient delivery service vehicles? Yes, please.

A company called Nuro are designing a self-driving vehicle to deliver food, medical supplies, and essential goods to customers.

How amazing is that?

The vehicle will drive at a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour because its purpose is to carry goods only and not human occupants.

The company is only permitted to produce and deploy up to 5,000 vehicles during the exemption period. Nuro will also have to report information about the vehicles’ operation, including the automated driving system, and conduct outreach in communities where it will deliver goods.

Image source –

4. Let the children play in infection-free playgrounds.

If you have kids, you’ll be fully aware that they are eager to play outside and see their friends. 

Berlin-based designers Martin Binder and Claudio Rimmele have designed a concept for an “infection-free” playground, where children could play together safely during the coronavirus pandemic and give parents a well-deserved break whilst letting the children roam free in the safety of their home.

This solves the problem of creating a space that both protects children from potential contagions, while still enabling fun interactions.

The concept is a playground made up of a group of individual play areas shaped like a cluster of water-lily pads on a pond.

Each child can have their own playing platform, with individual paths leading to separate entrances, from which they can see and communicate with each other from a safe distance.

Both children and parents will be able to see when an area is occupied from the entrance gate. Once inside the platform, children can communicate with one another between areas by speaking into hollow tubes.

Amazing right?

The platform accommodates different types of activities and games, such as sand, seesaws, ladders or “horizontal hamster wheels” inside.

If only we were kids again…

Source –

5. Table for 6, please.

Amsterdam designer, Christophe Gernigon created individual greenhouses for each diner which an XXL protective visor suspended around the diner’s heads.

These shields surround each person’s upper body and curve up at the rear to allow users to enter and exit. 

Made from transparent plexiglass, the hanging cones ensure that the diners can still see each other and their meals. They are also lightweight and easy for restaurants to clean between sittings.

Image source –

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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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