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31 July 2020

The weekend is here and we’ve spent another week being shocked by all of the craziness the World Wide Web has to offer. We’re pretty sure it’s gotten weirder out there, and the deeper you go into that supermassive internet blackhole, the longer you will sit there wondering how you ended up watching ‘The Most Accurate Ketchup Squirts’ on YouTube. Anyway, that’s exactly what we did to populate this week’s Weekly Wrap. So, enjoy.  

1. Amazon set to make EVEN MORE money? Leave some cash for the rest of us.

The Amazon Influencer Programme just got more dollar’ pumped into it this month thanks to the addition of the live streaming feature. The Amazon Influencer Programme was formed in 2017 as a way for Amazon to milk the cash cow that is influencer marketing, but the opportunity for influencers to livestream and show us their flawless faces demoing eyeshadow palettes was only introduced this month. What this does mean is that influencers have yet another avenue to sell us things we (probably) don’t need from Amazon. 

Image source:

2. Lost your phone? Just use your fridge, obviously.

This is where the internet black hole caught us late at night and we ended up finding this bizarre story. We’ve all been there as teenagers. We’ve behaved badly and left a plate of kebab under our bed. Our Mum has found it weeks later, gone ballistic and confiscated your iPhone (other brands are available). You wonder, ‘if only I had a smart fridge to satisfy my social media cravings.’

One girl in this situation managed to stay connected to the outside world via the LG Smart Fridge in her kitchen. After having her phone confiscated, she managed to connect her fridge to the wifi and send a Tweet via the fridge’s touchscreen. What a handy feature for a fridge to have at that very moment. Although, the reason why a fridge would need a touchscreen in any other circumstance is baffling us… 


Image source:

3. A social media app, without the social part. 

We’re still in the black hole here, but thankfully we managed to find the most peculiar app that satisfies your social media cravings without having to be social. It’s an introvert’s dream.  

The Binky app lets you scroll through, commenting and liking photos of absolutely anything. The best bit about Binky is that there is literally no point to this app whatsoever. No one can see what you like or comment on, which gives you free reign to write what you want. Of course, as your only companion on this app, Binky is in control of what you see. So prepare to waste your day as you like pictures of washing machines, comment on photos of elbows and ‘rebink’ images of Kazoo’s. What else do you have to do with your day anyway?

Image source: Binky, Play Store

4. A UFO? Godzilla? Or North Korean propaganda? Twitter will know. 

So, we managed to find our way out of the black hole here and onto more sophisticated news sources to find this story that went viral in Japan this month. 

Twitter, (obviously the most reliable source for answers), went into uproar this month over an unidentified white balloon floating across the sky in Japan. This balloon was rather large and had a wooden cross hanging from it, but most of us probably wouldn’t think more of it other than ‘that’s a bit weird’. However, some of Japan’s residents started airing their opinions on Twitter about what they thought the balloon was and where it came from. Some people blamed it on Coronavirus, some thought Godzilla sent it. Some were certain it was a UFO. Or, according to those who went down the political route, it’s probably North Korean propaganda. The good news is the origin of the object is still unknown, so we can all keep guessing.

Image source: Sendai Astronomical Observatory Instagram

5. Think the human brain is more advanced than a squirrel’s? Think again. 

For years we have thought that the human brain was more advanced than most mammals, apart from when it came out that dolphins were potentially more intelligent than us (what a blow to our egos). 

A recent study from the University of Tel Aviv has revealed that brain connectivity in all mammals is actually the same. Remember this is only brain connectivity. So, yes our brains are probably more advanced than a squirrel’s in general, but the rate at which our brain connects to other parts of our body is pretty similar! Who knew, seems like all creatures aren’t that different after all. On that note did you know that humans are genetically only 1.2% different to chimpanzees… something to think about. 

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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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