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Weekly Wrap

14 August 2020

For this week’s Weekly Wrap, we’re travelling back in time to find some of the best stories relating back to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to hit you right in the retro feels. So, if you’re nostalgic about your childhood and wishing you could go back to simpler times when hair was bigger and prawn cocktails were everywhere, then sit back and relax in sweet nostalgia.

1. Grab your PJ’s and call your friends. We’re travelling back to the 90’s for the ultimate sleepover.

How we miss the simple days of just having one film to watch. Even if it was rubbish, you just had to suck it up because the only other thing on TV was Newsnight and reruns of Only Fools and Horses. Heading out to Blockbuster was the highlight of many 90’s kids (and adults) Saturday nights. Since their demise, Blockbuster have been understandably inactive on social media since 2014. Fast forward to 2020 and out of the blue Blockbuster sets Twitter on fire with this gem of a tweet. 

Woah. What’s going on? Blockbuster are tweeting. Dominoes are replying. Nostalgia is reigniting across the globe. It must be a marketing stunt. Yes, it is, and a great one. The very last Blockbuster store in Oregon has teamed up with Airbnb to offer movie lovers a 90’s themed sleepover in September. This is all very exciting and we’re wondering what films will be on the list. Clueless? Jurassic Park? Terminator 2? Whilst there are many classics that could be shown, we’re wondering how much of a nightmare it must have been in the office to find out who had the Blockbuster Twitter password from 6 years ago. Oh the drama.


2. The Argos catalogue may be dead, but, never fear, The Book Of Dreams is still here. 

Argos has finally stopped printing their catalogue after 47 years. RIP. This doesn’t really come as a shock, because no one reads actual magazines anymore, obviously. However, what has come as a shock is the launch of this epic website, showcasing every single Argos catalogue from the past. It’s pretty simple, but it does the job of letting you flick through all the catalogues of years gone by. Yes, that’s right, all your old toys are in there, your Dad’s lawn mower and your Mum’s hooded hair dryer all probably came from The Book Of Dreams. The catalogues from the 70’s are absolutely killing it. Check out this workout gear that Argos even got Arnold Schwarzeneggar to advertise. That’s pretty badass.  

And, remember these electric fires that were always in your grandparents house? Yes, they’re also from Argos, and such a bargain at £13. How times change.

Image source:

3. 4K sucks. Bring back 16 bit gaming, please. 

Gaming in 2020 is now so advanced that the faces of characters are sometimes indistinguishable from real people, and don’t even get us started on VR. Screaming in fear whilst playing Resident Evil 2 might sound like a good time, but it’s become apparent that what gamers actually want is their 1980’s consoles back. 

The average hardcore gamer is 34 years old (yes that’s the correct number). Which means their childhood probably consisted of Sega Mega Drive, NES and Gamecube, and it turns out retro gaming is actually the gateway to happiness and nostalgia for this bunch. 

Emerging media psychology research suggests that video game nostalgia can make Millennial and Gen X gamers feel closer to their friends and reignite many happy memories from a time when all that mattered to them was Donkey Kong and Mario Kart. In fact retro games and consoles are still so popular that Nintendo released a version of the NES Classic Edition console in 2016, and sold out 2.3 million in 3 months.  


4. Don’t feed them after midnight…


Keep them out of the light, don’t give them water, not even to drink and most importantly, never feed them after midnight. You know the rules, right? If you don’t, you better brush up on your Mogwai knowledge because a Gremlins prequel is currently in the works to be released in 2021. 

Gremlins: Secrets of The Mogwai, is the upcoming animated series and we can’t decide whether to be excited or concerned. Films in the 80’s were awesome and Gremlins is definitely an 80’s favourite that we think maybe shouldn’t be messed with. An official trailer has not been released yet, but Youtube is already a frenzy with numerous Gremlins fans airing their expectations of the series. All we can say is that if the prequel features a baby Gizmo, you have our attention cos that sounds cute as hell.

5. Remember Furby? Well, he’s back, and just like 1998, he never shuts up. 

Furby actually made a comeback in 2012, 14 years after his initial release. However, something called ‘Furby Connect’ has brought Furby back, bigger than ever and into 2020. Furby Connect is an app that links up to your Furby toy, and allows you to help Furby learn songs, hatch baby ‘furblings’, feed your Furby and, wait for it… help Furby go to the toilet. Now, we aren’t really sure how the latter works, but if you gotta go, you gotta go, and Furby is no exception. 

Image Source: Google Play Store

The new edition of the Furby toy is very cute looking. He moves in ways he didn’t before, and now has LCD screen eyes which convey more emotion. You can even talk to your Furby through the app. He will speak to you in his gibberish language and the app will translate so you can communicate. In general, he’s just more robotised with more emotions, and his little feet move which means he sometimes topples over. The great (or not so great, depending how much of a Furby lover you are) thing about the new Furby is that he has no off switch. So, good luck to all the parents who were planning a quiet night watching TV, Furby has other ideas.  

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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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