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12 June 2020

Creators are the movers and shakers in this world. That is why we love to share the incredible work that is out there in our Weekly Wrap.


Let us supply you with some cool and amazing concepts that have been happening this week. 


Are you ready?

1. The Virtual Economy


L’Atelier is a business that contextualises and identifies market opportunities from societal and technological change.


Their website outlines a bold vision for the future of virtual assets.


How cool is that?


L’Atelier explores questions that transform our world through data-driven research and visual storytelling.


The design is by Gladeye based in New Zealand.


2. Car sharing now has a VIP feel. Crack open the campaign.


Quarter Car is an electric vehicle that encourages a sustainable, and autonomous driving, that solves the problem of the carpool method.

Quarter Car

Seymourpowell had designed this vehicle to run on power from sustainable sources with no exhaust emissions. 


The car itself filters and cleans the air as it travels by introducing high technology that monitors air quality.

quarter car

Quarter Car enhances the rider experience with artificial intelligence, transparent glazing displays and gestural interaction.

quarter car


Now there will be no arguments on who will be driving, and you can all enjoy a glass of bubbly together.


Source –

3. We can go to a festival, after all. A virtual party at Burning Man? Hell Yes.


Get your glow sticks at the ready, Burning Man festival is going on VR this summer.


Dancing in the desert is what Burning Man is known for, but what happens when you take away the location because of the pandemic.


You have to get a little creative.


That is why Arthur Mamou-Mani Architects had teamed up with Virtual Design Festival to design a temporary amphitheatre for this year’s Burning Man festival.

Burning Man

The temporary city is a replicate of the real structure in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA.


Users who want to join in the festival can create an avatar by downloading a free app called AltSpaceVR.

Burning Man

The free version will let users meet and immerse themselves in the virtual environment.

Burning Man

Turn the music up and let’s get the party started.


Source –

4. Chill beats you can’t live without.


Many of you may already know this website, but we needed to mention how amazing it is again. 


For the others that are hearing this for the first time? You’re welcome.

Poolside FM

Poolside FM is a retro digital radio-like website. People can listen to a playlist of songs collected from SoundCloud and cycle through 70 different short video clips pulled from the ’80s.

Poolside FM

We love Poolside.FM it has different playlists at the ready called Indie Summer, Hangover Club, Tokyo Disco and Friday Nite Heat.

Who is ready to get down and whack on some tunes?

Dancing 80's man

5. Can this device make a touchscreen touchless?


A company called CoreDAR has designed a device that can turn any screen into a touchless but interactive touchscreen.


The two ex-Samsung engineers called this gadget Glamos. It is the perfect pocket-sized device measuring at 1.5 inches.


Now that is small.


Glamos is the smallest LiDAR device that uses a small amount of power.


It automatically scales the size of the device that it is compatible with; which are desktop computers, smart televisions, laptops and mobiles.


Once connected, the screen can identify and respond to gestures made in the air by the user.


CoreDAR said this device is suited when giving presentations at schools or in the office, as it can be projected onto whiteboards, in the air or onto walls.


It can also bring mobile games to life for a Nintendo like experience.


Finally, I can play Candy Crush x10 the size in my living room.


Source –

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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap

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