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Welcome to the new-look Fast Web Media!

13 February 2017
Fast Web Media Business Card Branding | Welcome to the new-look Fast Web Media! | Neon

With over 20 years’ digital marketing experience, we know that staying a step ahead is key in this industry. We wanted to create a unique and modern Fast Web Media that matched our expert skill and heritage with a forward-thinking creative vision.

Following a series of workshops over a six month period, we developed a fresh Fast Web Media brand that encompassed a new logo, bold colour scheme, and a clear brand book that outlined who we are, what we deliver to our clients and how we deliver it.

After that, work on the website began, starting a four-month period of designing and planning our new ideas – all in between exciting client-based projects.

Slowly but surely, the team perfected our new identity, so we could adequately showcase what we represent as a company:

Brand Identity | Welcome to the new-look Fast Web Media! | Neon

On Friday 27th January 2017, we went live with the re-launch and since then we’ve seen an amazing response across all channels.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and are excited to continue our work in delivering first-class digital marketing and innovation. As an agency, we can’t wait to see what successes the future will hold.

Read more about our branding here.

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