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Why intent marketing needs to be a part of your strategy

2 September 2018
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The era of identity is over. Welcome to the era of intent.

With legislation making it harder than ever to understand who your audience is, the focus now needs to fall on understanding what your audience is trying to achieve.

And that’s what intent marketing is all about.

What is intent marketing?

Intent marketing is the art of identifying what someone is looking to achieve. As no two people are exactly the same, and their needs at various points in their buying cycle differ, that aim can be one of any number of things.

Sometimes their intent is very simple: they want to buy something. A product, a service, or even a takeaway meal on a lazy Friday night.

At other times, however, the intent is more complicated. Perhaps they want to learn more about something, work out how to do something, understand where something is or what something means.

Whatever their goal is, intent marketing is shaped around helping you understand the customer need and giving you the tools and insight to accommodate it.

Why is intent marketing important?

The introduction of GDPR and the almost daily news stories about the security of data on digital platforms has fundamentally altered the way we think about personally identifiable information.

What was once the cornerstone of digital marketing is now a threat: we can no longer rely on the fact that this information is useful, or whether it’ll even be around in the future.

Intent marketing helps future-proof your digital marketing efforts.

By turning your focus away from identity-based tools, you’re negating the influence of any legislation that may come in the future, and ensuring that your digital marketing fortunes are well and truly in your hands.

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