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Why is SEO important?

26 March 2018
Why is SEO important | Neon

Ever watched a film and wanted to know where you’ve seen that guy – whatshisname again! – before? Ever struggled to set up your new TV and needed to find advice that – unlike the damn instructions! – actually makes sense? Ever been looking at a product in a shop and thought: “Hmmm, it’s a bit pricey. Wonder if I can get it cheaper elsewhere?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then chances are your next move was to open up a search engine, type in a query relevant to your problem and hit enter. With at least 2 trillion people doing the same, it’s important to make sure your website can be found on search engines to capture that interest.

Strong SEO will help you achieve this, but that’s not all a good strategy will do. As we explain below, there’s much more.


Online trust is one of the biggest challenges businesses are facing at the moment. The rise of fake news, bots and major hacks have made it even more important for businesses to operate in a transparent manner and develop a relationship with their customers based on trust.

There are multiple ways to do this, but Search is one of the most significant. Search engines value sites of high quality, relevance and authority, and penalise sites that don’t tick those boxes. Sites that rank highly in search engines are therefore likely to be trusted more by users than those that don’t.


It goes without saying that it’s important to be visible on search, but the level to which you are visible varies. Ranking 11th for a certain keyword may seem good, but it means you’re on the second page. Studies have shown that 95% of all search traffic goes to sites listed on page one of the rankings, so improving your SEO enough to push yourself from 11 to 10 (and beyond) can make all the difference.

More than that, Google’s continued attempts to enhance its offering means that new functionality comes along all the time. Whether it’s Featured Snippets or the Knowledge Graph, there’s always something new that can help you steal a march on your competitors and build your visibility. When it comes to Search, staying ahead of the curve can be make or break.


Whether they’re performing heavy research to make the right choice, looking for a bit of retail therapy to distract their mind on the dull commute home, or stood in a store seeing if they can get a better deal elsewhere, consumers are taking to search engines to find information about purchases. If you’re an eCommerce shop, you want people to be able to find you quickly and easily and that’s why Search is so vital.

The businesses that succeed are the ones who can optimise in the right way for the right keywords. By putting in this work, you are able to deliver the information your customers are looking for, on the platform they are looking on for it. Speed is of the essence, and it’s vital you keep up.

Find out how Neon can help you develop or enhance your SEO strategy – get in touch today!

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