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Why User Experience Matters in Digital Marketing

5 March 2019
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When building and implementing a digital marketing strategy you tend to focus on driving more traffic to your website.

Get more visitors to your site and you will drive more leads and, ultimately, more sales into your business. But, what if instead of having to increase your traffic, you tweaked your site to be more user-friendly to convert a higher number of the visitors you already have? That’s the beauty of focusing on User Experience.

But there is a little more to it than that, User Experience (UX) has many benefits to your digital marketing strategy:

Improved conversion rates

Of course, this is the main reason most businesses want to deliver a better user experience on their sites: To generate more sales, leads, sign-ups or whatever the website goal is. We’ve all experienced clicking on an advert or a link from the search results only to be faced with a cacophony of confusion on the resulting website, leaving you struggling to work out where to go or what to do next.

Many websites have become overloaded with information that doesn’t help their main purpose: to aid people through the conversion funnel. Do you want better conversion rates? Then, focus on what the user wants to know, and make sure you deliver it quickly and easily.

Reduced bounce rates

If a user isn’t going to convert in a single session, then you at least want them to understand a little about you and how your product/service can help them. Assuming your conversion rate is no more than 10%, you can still leave 90% of website visitors with a good experience, increasing the chances of them coming back in the future.

Greater chance of returning custom

A good user experience from start to finish means a greater chance of repeat purchase. If somebody knows they can choose their product, place their order easily, choose their delivery slot, and everything will run like clockwork, why wouldn’t they come back?

More money to invest in acquiring new customers

By improving your conversion rates, generating a greater ROI, and delivering more returning customers at a lower cost, you can still chase that additional traffic and sales volume you crave. Only, if you optimise the user experience and customer journey at the front end, you can use the extra efficiencies and profit you’ve already generated to go after those extra visitors.

Newsletter signups

If email marketing is part of your digital marketing strategy (and it should be), then people are far more likely to subscribe to your newsletter if their experience was a good one in the first instance. If they can see the value of your product or service, know that you understand their needs and the industry, and you give them some trust you won’t be spamming them, they are far more likely to become a subscriber.

Links, social shares and recommendations

…And, if you absolutely blow their socks off with the experience you provide, they will want to shout about it. Whether that is to their social media connections, their blog readers or their family members. Building advocates should be the goal of every business as nobody can sell your business better than a delighted customer.

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