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Aisha Choudhry

Head of Search

As Head of Search, Aisha’s our authority on algorithms. She loves learning about the latest updates to Google and Bing, and finding new ways to help our clients climb the rankings and gain visibility through Search. She’s also a dab hand with PPC and a qualified marketer with 15 years of experience.

Aisha’s our longest-serving member of staff, and has seen a lot of change in the digital landscape during her time here. But one thing has been a constant during her decade of service: the people. She loves coming into the office and working in a vibrant environment full of passionate people who are not just colleagues, but a family.

Outside of work, Aisha loves fitness, spending time with family and friends, and cooking. She’s a big traveller and wants to dedicate more of her time to seeing the world, but she also knows how to chill. A bit of an amateur sleuth, lazy days at Aisha’s are spent watching crime series on repeat.

Aisha’s trained to cut hair, and can give you a perm – even if she hasn’t done it for a long time.

Aisha Choudhry - Head of Search - 2 | Neon
SEO and Content Group Work | Neon
Aisha Choudhry - Head of Search | Neon
Aisha Choudhry, Neon

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