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Jack Mason


Overseeing the strategic direction of the group is our CEO, Jack. He brought Neon into the INC & CO group. An idea that stemmed from the fact he wanted agencies to work more closely together. By bringing them into a group collective, they benefit from shared top level business functions such as HR, Marketing and Finance so the agency can focus on what they do best, delivering high quality services to clients!

Jack has always been entrepreneurial and studious, excelling at school and university. When he was a child, he started his own sweet selling business at school. Buying them in bulk at cheap prices meant he could sell his gobstoppers and sherbert dust for cheaper than his student competitors!

Jack has even bigger dreams for his future. His ultimate goal is to use his past experiences and knowledge to offer support to start up businesses, providing mentorship and direction.

When Jack has some downtime he enjoys hitting the gym and travelling. He’s been everywhere from Berlin to the Maldives, and almost everywhere in between!

Jack Mason, Neon | Neon
Jack Mason, Neon | Neon
Jack Mason, Neon | Neon
Jack Mason - CEO | Neon

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