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James Ferry

Talent Manager

James is our go to person for anything recruitment related. James realised he had an eye for finding great talent after gaining experience in a digital agency where he learnt various ways to find and retain amazing employees.

James is very much a people person and wants to make sure everyone enjoys what they do daily in a happy and productive environment.

James works closely with Lynne to ensure the people joining our are right for the job and will enjoy working within the company.

Outside of work, James is a huge football fan and follows various teams including Manchester United, Rangers FC, Northern Ireland and Institute FC. Originally from Northern Ireland, James also enjoys going travelling whether it’s going back to visit his family or going further afield. Either way he always finds some time to spend with his dog – Buddy.

James Ferry, Neon | Neon
James Ferry, Neon | Neon
James Ferry, Neon | Neon
James Ferry - Talent Manager | Neon

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