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Jon Edge

Web Developer

Jon’s one of our developers. He’s responsible for building our clients’ amazing websites and making sure they’re fully tested before they go out into the big wide internet. He’s also our go-to guy on Google Tag Manager, so if you want to know your tags from your triggers, Jon’s your man.

Jon loves the vibe at Neon, and is always looking to organise lunch trips out for the team. He loves trying out new cuisines and beverages, and is something of a mixologist having created an interesting cocktail using the syrup from the glacé cherries at an office party’s cocktail-making class. Delicious!

When he’s not creating the next taste sensation, Jon can be found playing board and video games, and drumming up a storm on his drum kit. He also loves creative design and has blended this interest with his passion for games by creating board games of his own, which he’s currently aiming to bring to market. If all goes to plan, he’ll have a monopoly on the whole industry.

One of Jon’s proudest moments was spending a week working at Rare Ltd as part of the balancing team for Kinect Sports Rivals.

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