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Nathan Cohen

Web Developer

As part of our development team, Nathan helps build compliant, supercharged and satisfying API-driven web applications. We think of him as our secret weapon. He may be one of the most relaxed members of the team but when it comes to the crunch, his intense focus and dedication gets the job done.

Nathan is so dedicated and is always the first in and last out. Nathan’s been tireless in his efforts since starting with us in 2012. We like to think that’s down to his fondness for the rest of the team. He loves working here alongside the rest of Neon, and has a particular affection for all the canine occupants who often frequent the office.

When he’s not crafting the next great website, Nathan loves watching films, going to gigs and running – though he prefers taking to the outdoors for his jogs rather than stepping foot on the dreaded treadmill. Nathan also recorded guitar and backing vox on a 3-track EP, as part of a high school Battle of the Bands project.

His life goals are to get himself a car and figure out how not to crash – though not necessarily in that order – and one day hopes to gain recognition for his special skill, using the fewest number of stairs to reach a destination.

Nathan Cohen, Neon | Neon
Nathan Cohen & Jon Edge Group Work | Neon
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Nathan Cohen Profile | Neon

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