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Stephen Marfleet

Content Manager

Stephen’s one of our wordsmiths, meaning it’s his job to make our clients come alive with captivating content that dazzles, delights and drives people towards an end goal. He’s also our Quizmaster-in-Chief, and has written some exasperatingly difficult questions that have left the Neon team scratching their heads. How many oceans do you think there are in the world?*

He’s been with us since 2016, and in that time has become an authority on everything from esports and e-cigarettes to coding schools and car parks. He can now proudly boast of this knowledge alongside his previous accolades: winning the Year 9 Biology Student of the Year and the Most Improved Player of the Year (98/99) for Widmer End United Under 9s.

When he’s not writing content or winning awards, Stephen spends his time passing off stuff he’s heard on football podcasts as his own insight, and trying to Get Big™. Reliable sources (some guy down the gym) have informed him that you lose your ability to form new muscle once you hit 30. He also featured in the TV show Spooks when he was 16 and is related to the former Permanent Under-Secretary of State Sir Michael Quinlan!

* There’s one. Just one.

Stephen Marfleet - Content Manager - 4 | Neon
Stephen Marfleet - Content Manager - 3 | Neon
Stephen Marfleet - Content Manager - 2 | Neon
Stephen Marfleet - Content Manager- Profile | Neon

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