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Tristran Swan

Head of Projects

Tristran’s our projects general. Whether it’s a site build, reporting dashboard, esports platform or any other kind of digital product, Tristran’s the man who organises the troops and ushers the project through to fruition. He never closes JIRA and is always engaged with the project team and client, which is why his clients always come to the end of their project with a smile on their face.

Patience is a virtue for Tristran, and if he were to win an award, it’d be for his ability to keep things going, even when new features threaten to destabilise a project. He’s a vital part of everything that makes NEON great and loves working alongside the rest of the team in an environment that gives him the chance to get involved in some great and varied projects.

When he’s not at NEON, Tristran’s got a few projects of his own on the go. From table tennis to technology, allotmenteering to marine aquariums, he’s a man of many interests and loves spending time outside of work trying out new things. But nothing is as important as taking time out from everything and spending some quality time with his family.

In 2013, Tristran found himself on centre court of the World Table Tennis Championships in Paris where he coached international players from Ireland and Scotland.

Tristran Swan - Head of Projects - Profile 2 | Neon
Tristran Swan - Head of Projects | Neon
Tristran Swan Group Work | Neon
Tristran Swan - Profile Picture Sat Down | Neon

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