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UX Design

Heightening experiences through UX design

Create memorable experiences that give your users exactly what they are looking for, quickly and seamlessly.

What it is

It’s not just about your project looking great. UX design is about making a product more satisfying to use by improving its accessibility and usability. How users navigate around your product, to the visuals they come across, the user’s experience should be an enjoyable one from start to finish. UX design can also significantly reduce costs in the long run, increase conversions, improve engagement and even help with SEOThat’s why getting your UX design on point is an integral part of your project.

How we approach UX design

Before anything else, we work with you to understand your business, your goals and your audience. 

We conduct thorough user research and identify user goals with the view of setting appropriate KPI’s. We also do an in-depth competitor analysis to help define your USPs and refine your value proposition. All of this feeds into defining user journeys and prioritising functionality leading to the creation of interactive wireframes or prototypes. Our workshop-based approach means that key questions, problems and assumptions are approached in a thoughtful way. By doing this, we create unique UX solutions that deliver results. 

Our UX design services include:

Discovery Workshops
Immersive sessions that define your business objectives, user objectives and target KPIs.
User Research
Comprehensive analysis that helps you understand your audience and how they will potentially use your site.
Interactive Wireframes & Prototypes
Using user journeys we create interactive wireframes and prototypes to demonstrate how user functionality will work. This allows our team along with you, the client, to look at the proposed site objectively and make amends early on, eliminating costly changes during the development process.

Companies who we've worked with on their UX Design

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